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January 24, 2022

Thank you love (a poem)

 A poem I wrote for people who love a writer in their life:

The poem text:

Let us take a moment to thank our spouses -
Our partners, our loves; the sweet sparkles of our lives -
Thank you for the support, for the draft reads,
For being our beta audiences through tough, unfinished, and hard-to-read texts.
You believed in our ability to write before many of us believed in ourselves, breathing life into our creative dream.

A writing craft is like a house:
A strong, beautiful house isn’t built without a solid foundation,
A foundation built with love, patience, and faith in our vision;
A writer spins and dances and creates a home.
Writing is an ancient art, the need to create inseparable from the essence of being human.

My forever gratitude for your gift of love.


January 7, 2012

Invitation to Love (poem)

I wrote this short poem after my KINS Founders weekend: an enlightening and connecting weekend with some very special people I now call my KINS. We shared an afternoon walk of silence and meditated on our individual vision of a green, vibrant Tampa Bay. Sitting at my computer desk at home, I recall that inspiring afternoon:

Invitation to Love
the earth seemed inviting
as the grass crunched under my feet
the sun fell warmly on our bodies
as we stood in communion
with the earth, as one organism
the metal and glass are a contrast
to our natural place of belonging
the love extends from the earth
in a way that man-made never could

Helen, Georgia    taken by: Amber C. Lee

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