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July 10, 2013

Hillsborough County Animal Shelter Overcrowding & Population Sickness

Sadly, I read a news story today about overcrowding and sickness in Hillsborough County Animal Shelters.. You can read the original article here: The article states that the county shelters are extremely overcrowded, the entire animal population is declining in overall health, and the staff at the shelter are afraid to speak up to upper management. Both my dog and cat are rescues and I'm especially sensitive to populations that don't have a voice in society, such as animals and children.

The article states both sides of the no kill policy in local Animal Services state the entire population of animals including rescues are increasingly seen as diseased and sick. The veterinarian, Dr. Roese, says after 13 years of practice "she remembers days when she did nothing but write prescriptions for antibiotics" and many animals are suffering because of the no kill policy enacted in the last couple years in Hillsborough County Animal Shelters.

This immediately reminds me of the importance of spaying or neutering your pets. If you're not going to breed them, please spay or neuter your pet.. They will be much happier family pets and less prone to roaming. If you want to breed your pet, please consider not breeding them and encouraging rescue adoption. You'll make a lot of animals happy if you get them out of the shelter!

Now the issue of sickness: always take your doctor's recommendations, but consider not taking antibiotics for minor infections that you could get over with a little rest and home remedies. Antibiotics are hard on the body and I personally have gotten over a number of infections in the past few years with out the use of antibiotics. I feel that my immune system and digestive system have been built in the right way by diet to help fend off some of these infections. Just a thought. I also shy away from vaccines as an adult. I support the baby/childhood regular vaccines.

My rescue dog Duke and rescue cat Amorra:

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