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January 24, 2022

Thank you love (a poem)

 A poem I wrote for people who love a writer in their life:

The poem text:

Let us take a moment to thank our spouses -
Our partners, our loves; the sweet sparkles of our lives -
Thank you for the support, for the draft reads,
For being our beta audiences through tough, unfinished, and hard-to-read texts.
You believed in our ability to write before many of us believed in ourselves, breathing life into our creative dream.

A writing craft is like a house:
A strong, beautiful house isn’t built without a solid foundation,
A foundation built with love, patience, and faith in our vision;
A writer spins and dances and creates a home.
Writing is an ancient art, the need to create inseparable from the essence of being human.

My forever gratitude for your gift of love.


December 30, 2021

A Thank You Poem to My Clients

This is a short poem I wrote for my clients. I wanted to show my appreciation for working together.

The poem text:

Turning the calendar for yet another year,

A time for reflection and thankfulness is here:

Know that no matter how you celebrate,

Your business I sincerely appreciate!

Whether we shared one project or many,

I am thankful for the opportunity.

Sending wishes of health and prosperity for you,

And hope for a continued business relationship in 2022!

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