September 30, 2022

Dall-e AI Digital Art Generator

Here’s a new tool that you really need to know about that utilizes AI, which is computer thinking based on billions of algorithms based on huge datasets, with your creative mind to create almost any kind of art digitally that you can imagine. I’m talking about the new Dall-e AI art generator that’s just been released for public use, pretty much for free. If you start creating a lot of images, you will need to pay for tokens or purchase an account. But just to play with the tool and see what it is, and to understand how powerful AI can be for generating new ideas, you can do this with a free account.

The first image I created in a matter of minutes.

After creating your free account on the Dall-e AI art generator website, you can get started creating new art right away. Your digital art creations are only limited by your creativity as this AI tool is very powerful. I definitely encourage you to try it for yourself. If you can open compose and send an email, then you will be able to create digital art with this new tool.

Trying out the tool

Using some of my favorite, creative keyword terms like cats and cheese, space nebula, Legos, water, coffee, chickens, and astronauts. I created these first basic images with the AI tool. Once you create an image, you can also ask the system for more variations similar to an image that you like. I think this would be really neat to use for story illustrations or unique digital art.

Here are some of my other favorite digital images from Dall-e:

A squirrel in the nebula, clearly a masterpiece.

Soccer stars floating jump in skittles.

In addition to the natural speaking text that the generator uses to create your art, you can also add words like 3-D render or oil pastel to get different medium replications when your image is created.

Oil pastel of cats floating in starry night.

This new technology is one that your students and clients will want to apply, if the tool is one that will bring value to your field and applications in an efficient way and not as a distraction. It’s really an exciting new use of Ai, natural text recognition, and big data to create something novel, innovative, and possibly even beautiful.

How could this tool be used for education?

For my friends and education and training, I thought I would include some ideas for how this Dall-e AI art generator might be used to enhance education. These are just a few ideas, but could clearly be expanded on:

- The obvious - creating digital art for art or art infused learning. Using an AR generator to create digital art allows students to be creative and focus solely on the imaginative creation instead of actually being able to create the piece of art if they lack in skills.

- For teaching creativity and creative thought generation

- For teaching probabilities, matrices in math

- For teaching about AI and natural speech text based programming

Screenshots of the tool

Here are some screenshots of signing up and what the interface looks like.

The credits system to make more images than a free account allows.

The Dall-e interface with my first creation terms and four returned generated images.

What kind of creations are you going to create with this new emerging technology tool? Tag me on your creations with #AmberCLee so I can see what you’ve created too.

You can sign up for your own Dall-e AI art generator account at DALL·E (

Ninja cat water wave in space station.

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